Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello from Durban :D :D :D

I arrived yesterday to the rainy and lush city of Durban. I had a long flight from CPH thru London, Johannesberg, and at last to Durban. One of the highlights was seeing the city of London all lit up like a big Christmas present, and from my seat I spied the blue London Eye and House of Parliament and "London Bridge". It was such a treat :D

 Aside from the rain making it a little difficult walking around with a big maleta, I found my hostel and co-delegates, with the help of some very helpful bus driver/ hotel people/ security staff and policemen who seemed genuinely concerned that I got to my destination safely. :p I know that seems like a lot of people, I wasn't THAT lost but noone seemed to know where my hostel was.

Sorry there are no pictures but the internet at the hostel is slower than sleeping snails. -- next time!

* * *

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